Thaddeus Lazowski Memorial ACE Scholarship

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Thaddeus Lazowski

On November 14, 2009 NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum lost two good friends. Thaddeus “Ted” Lazowski and his son Thaddeus were killed when their plane crashed near Woodbine Airport. Young Thaddues was a gifted student enrolled at Cape Christian Academy, and he had a love for learning, especially about science, history and aviation. Thaddeus’ mother Valerie Lazowski continues to be a supporter of our museum and our mission.

In 2010, NASW was proud to award the first annual Thaddeus Lazowski Memorial ACE Scholarship to Cape Christian Academy student Jonathon Clark. The 2011 Thaddeus Scholarship winner was Devin Farrow.

NASW is offering the Thaddeus Lazowski Memorial ACE Scholarship again in 2013. The recipient will attend ACE Academy free of charge. In order to apply, students should write an essay, approximately one page double-spaced, on the following topic:

Thaddeus had a passion for aviation, science, math, technology and history. Tell us about your passion for these subjects and why they are important in today’s society.

Applications are due on or before June 30th, 2014. Applicants should send their essay, along with name, age, school attended and contact information, to:

Bruce A. Fournier, Academy Director
Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum
500 Forrestal Rd
Cape May Airport, NJ 08242

or via e-mail:

or via fax: (609) 886-1942

Please feel free to call the office (609-886-8787) with any questions regarding the scholarship!

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