sidebar01You can also download some of our books right here. You need a free program from Adobe called Acrobat Reader to get our books online and print them.

Activity Books

Historical Aircraft
A book of dot-to-dot drawings of aircraft throughout history

Cleared for Takeoff
A pamphlet about the fundamentals of flying and how to become a pilot.

August Martin Activities Book
An FAA authored booklet with biography, pictures, and related activities that focus on August Martin, the first the first black captain of a U.S. scheduled airline.

Wind, Water, and Wings
A science activity book with illustrated experiments related to aviation and the principles of flight.

Fun Stuff


Crossword and cryptogram puzzles featuring aviation terminology


Puzzle keys (only look if you give up!)

Paper Airplanes

Paper airplane that you can print out, color and fly- complete with instructions.

F77 Template | F77 Instructions

F160 Template | F160 Instructions

Gryphon 24 Template | Gyphon 24 Instructions

Raven 140 Template | Raven 140 Instructions

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