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1. They are used on the leading edge of a wing to improve lift.

5. Air drag, or the opposition of the air to being displaced by the forward movement of an aeroplane.

9. A specially shaped nose to enclose an engine.

10. A rotation of an aircraft around the longitudinal axis. This effect is produced by the ailerons.

12. The science or study of the forces acting on an aircraft in motion.


2. Ailerons consisting of simple strips along the full length of the wing trailing edge.

3. The fixed forward portion of the vertical tail surfaces.

4. Yaw control is provided by the rudder.

5. The part of a wing where it meets the fuselage.

6. Is used on an airplane to control the pitch.

7. An assembly of radially disposed blades with an airfoil shape that when rotated in air produce thrust.

8. Weight carried by an airplane to increase the Wing Loading or adjust the center of gravity.

11. A wood tube or strip that extends rearward from the wings or from a short fuselage to support the tail surfaces.

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