H-13 Sioux "MASH"

The museum's OH-13 Sioux helicopter, often referred to as the "MASH" helicopter for its popularity from the TV series MASH.

The Bell 47/H-13 had a two-seat cockpit enclosed by a distinctive plastic bubble. The two-bladed rotor made a “chop-chop” sound, leading to the nickname “chopper” for helicopters. It became the first successful commercial helicopter beginning in the early 1950s. It is perhaps most famous for its extensive use during the Korean War.

The H-13, which the U.S. Army named the Sioux, normally could carry a pilot and two passengers in the bubble cockpit. The Army fitted stretchers on both sides of the cockpit—outside of the cockpit—atop the landing skids so a pilot could carry the wounded soldiers to medical help. The Bell 47 was one of the supporting actors of the long-running television show M.A.S.H.

The helicopters were seen at the beginning of every show bringing wounded soldiers to the field hospital.

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