McCulloch J-2 Gyrocopter


Three different autogyro designs have been certified by the FAA for commercial production: the Umbaugh U-18/Air & Space 18A of 1965, the Avian 2-180 of 1967, and the McCulloch J-2 of 1972. All have for various reasons been commercial failures.-including the J-2 McCullough Gyrocopter The McCulloch J-2 is not actually a helicopter. Rather, it is an autogyro and differs from a helicopter in that the main rotors are not powered. Instead, the propeller at the back propels the autogyro forward, and the movement into the air causes the rotors to spin and create lift. Ours is powered by a 180 hp Lycoming engine. McCulloch J-2 2/3 place gyroplanes failed to achieve commercial acceptance despite technical sophistication and the enthusiastic belief of their backers that the world needed a gyroplane.

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