All Available Boats

The centerpiece of this new exhibit reads:  “On the morning of September 11, 2001, as the World Trade Center tragedy unfolded, thousands of men and women who were on or near the waters of New York harbor converged in any way possible.  Answering the Coast Guard’s radio call for all available boats, hundreds of vessels raced across the Hudson and East Rivers.”  Over the course of the day, they helped to evacuate over 300,000 people from Manhattan.

Visitors can view photos and actually listen to first-hand accounts of individuals who participated in the evacuation of Manhattan.  The exhibit, donated to the Aviation Museum by the Cape May Coast Guard Base, tells the story of 9/11 from a unique perspective.  The “All Available Boats” exhibit is part of NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum’s expanded area dedicated to the Coast Guard and nearby Training Center Cape May.

All Available Boats is part of the Coast Guard exhibit area inside Hangar #1.

Visitors pick up the telephone-shaped speakers to hear the incredible stories told by the boat captains and crew that helped the Coast Guard evacuate Manhattan after 9/11.

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