Simulator Games

The Aviation Museum offers visitors the chance to fly an aircraft with these simulator games!

Fly a historic World War II plane with a flight simulator video game called “WWII Aces” for the museum’s Nintendo Wii exhibit! Visitors can choose to play as a pilot for the Royal Air Force (British), the Luftwaffe (German), or the Red Army Air Force (USSR). The aircraft available for game play are the same aircraft available to those countries during WWII. 1-2 visitors can play at a time, located outside the gift shop.

Or try to take off, fly, and land in a modern Coast Guard aircraft with the Coast Guard simulator! 1 visitor can play at a time, located inside the Coast Guard Exhibit Area.

Visitors have fun trying to fly WWII planes in the Wii game "WWII Aces".


Visitors try the Coast Guard simulator.

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